This site has free math worksheets for home, online flashcards, and many games. There is also a section for time and money practice!
This is a great site for games and practicing math facts. Enjoy!
This is a great site to help with general study skills. It offers tips for several different subject areas and acts as a great resource for helping to remember "those little tricks."

This site allows users to enter large pieces of text, then uses word frequency to create an attractive display of words used in the document. Wordles can be saved or shared for later use.
Example: Wordle: GroupWord Reflections8
Kid Port is a great interactive site for students to use to review and be exposed to grade-level specific content. The site is attractive to young visitors and is easy to navigate. It coverers all subject areas and includes ESL activities.
This site is geared more towards math, English, and reading, and allows students to easy navigate through activities that are fun, yet strongly educationally-based. The games and "web books/comics" captivate students and allow them to enjoy using the educational material.
This website offers a variety of interactive games, puzzles, and activities for students. This type of "turn the kids loose" site allows them to explore at their own pace and limiting their access to education-related materials. One downside to this site is the amount of ads that seem to create clutter when trying to navigate.
Zula World helps students in several areas. The content is geared towards science, but provides support in several other curriculum areas. The site provides young users with a variety of games that (without them knowing it!) subjects them to an education-rich experience.
This is a great site that contains links to very popular PBS shows. The material is all very student-friendly and even goes as far as turning the curser into a "star" on some pages. The site is very interactive and provides music and sound feedback as students go through the activities.
Although the Scholastic website is often supposed to be use with its printed materials such as Junior Scholastic, the site provides a variety of interactive opportunities for students. They can choose from several grade bands and content areas to explore and practice skills used with rich content.